Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Watch this space

I've just returned from my trip visiting students at the University of Salford and an event for students at Leeds Met, the University of Bradford and the University of Huddersfield. At the end of last week I enjoyed a day at the University of Northampton! So I've clocked up a few train miles recently.
Are you celebrating OT week in true OT style!? I'm going to give Wikiflash a go shortly - visit the Salford Blog for more info.
Tomorrow I'm back at COT, attending the Learning and Development Board meeting (LDB). This is one of the "functional" boards of the organisation with a representative from the board sitting on the COT council. I will present my paper, highlighting the projects I'm currently working on. Members of the board will provide feedback on these projects and typically provide some useful suggestions - this structure enables members to ultimately steer the work that goes on at COT.
Watch this space about the latest news on the 2009 student conference.
I'm just awaiting a couple of details to be confirmed -
but will be announcing the date and venue very soon.