Saturday, 2 October 2010

If only there were a Trainmiles loyalty scheme

Greetings from London!  Back in my flat for a restful weekend before heading off for another week of University visits.  So far I've been to London South Bank University twice, Derby, Oxford, Plymouth, Southampton and manned the College's stand at Naidex South at the ExCel Centre.  This next week features Carlisle and Lancaster on Monday and then Norwich and Aberdeen.  If you haven't spotted me on your timetable feel free to contact me and I can confirm when I might be pitching up!  I'm trying to remember to take photos of the various student groups I'm meeting so keep an eye on the Occupational Therapy Students: Get Connected Facebook group.  Don't forget you can request me as a friend on Facebook and follow me on Twitter via; COTstudents

The most memorable bits of my visits so far have been the power cut about 4 minutes into my presentation at Oxford Brookes University, meeting lots of new graduates at Naidex, braking my umbrella walking to Bournemouth University in a storm, almost loosing my voice before my presentation in Southampton and having a student at Salford contact me via Twitter to check if I was visiting her group.  I'm sure this week will include many more memorable moments.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed the planned tube strike doesn't impact on my journey on Monday morning - I have a 7.30am train to Carlisle to catch!!
Although I'm spending a lot of time on trains at the moment and my consumption of cappuccino and train station junk food has hit its annual high - I'm enjoying the chance to 'meet' so many OT students.  Places were very competitive this year - so you should be very proud.  And although I breeze in...and breeze out of your lecture theatres I'm already getting a sense that my profession is in safe hands.  Keep in touch and keep up the good work :-)