Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Google, Yahoo, AltaVista....OT?

I had a mini light bulb moment tonight...that I had to share! I was reading one of Yerxa's articles over dinner (sad but true) and spotted a wonderful quote! In the context of explaining the OT role she stated,
"we are 'search engines' for potential".
I thought it was a wonderfully descriptive statement, made of only a few words, that has so much relevance within today's web based culture. What makes it even more thought provoking is that she wrote it in 1998 - so long before the concept of an entirely online distance learning MSc in Advanced OT would have been considered even possible!? As OT's we want to place emphasis on ability not disability - and I thought this was brilliantly encapsulated in this simply quote. Maybe something to ponder next time you are using Google.....?