Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I'm in Berlin till Sunday!

I'm packed and reading for Berlin! I'm attending an event put on by the "European Network for Occupational Therapists in Higher Education" (often known as ENOTHE). The first day is all about Occupational Science...which I'm looking forward to getting to grips with again.

I will be separated from my computer until Sunday evening....but I will use pen and paper to capture my reflections and will post a BIG message when I'm back.

I'm taking my camera..and will also add an album to the Facebook group "Occupational Therapy Students: Get Connected".

Watch this space....!

Back from Derby

I typed a nice long piece last night...and when I clicked "publish post" my computer decided the Internet connection wasn't working! So I'm back today at least...and I'm physically just back from visiting the 1st year students in Derby. I did my session in a lovely big lecture theatre...on what appears to be a very modern campus. Just before my session, I was able to listen to Joan Howarth, one of the lecturers, explain about the Blackboard system the students use at Derby. I don't think these things were invented when I was a student!!! I've just logged into my University of Salford blackboard...and managed to leave a message on the "social wiki" and in the discussion forum...virtual coffee shop! To top that...I have also used Skype for the first time! I have spoken to my personal tutor, Angela Hook...after a few technical issues with my microphone! I'm now going to use Skype to speak to my brother...as you get the added bonus of webcam - so I can check the weather in Somerset!