Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A busy day

Tuesday was action packed!

I head off down the road (in the pouring rain) to visit the new intake of pre-registration MSc/PGdip students at London South Bank University. It was great to finally get to use the new leaflets and postcards...instead of seeing them in the boxes around my desk! Hope the students I met in the session didn't think it was too strange when I asked to take their picture!

I'm always impressed at the range of previous degree students on the 2 year accelerated programmes have completed. I wonder what brought them into the profession? I "discovered" OT when I was 13 and was fairly focused on becoming one right from that I think its easy to say I'm a bit usual! The College puts a lot of focus on OT week at the beginning on November to try and raise the profile of the profession - I think it would be fantastic if a soap like Eastenders used an OT in a plot!

After my visit to LSBU.....and a quick check of my emails....myself and quite a number of colleague headed out for some lunch to officially say "Goodbye" to Romana, Enquiry Co-ordinator. She is leaving COT to do some exciting travelling....and will certainly be missed.

After work, I headed off to Viniopolis for my wine tasting exam! It was held under full exam conditions...which really took me back to doing my GCSE's!!!! There were a few horrible questions...even the tutor said he was surprised to find! What will be - will be! I'll know if I have passed in a couple of weeks. One thing is for sure...I will never look at a wine list in the same way again...and it takes me double the time to pick when in the shop now!


Elusive Soul said...

Wednesday's Desperate Housewives mentioned Occupational Therapy, but not in a very positive or accurate light... Mike is recovering from an addiction and was put to scrub toilets by his O.T!

Fiona said...

One step forward and two steps back! Nice to think OT got a mention on Desperate Housewives...but no wonder there are so many misconceptions about the profession...when its illistrated in such a way!