Friday, 29 August 2008

Change the world for one person....

The student postcards arrived this morning! David, COT design officer, who had become super creative to generate the "Get Connected" image brought them up the office. I think they look great - and really hope students like them and find them eye catching. I'm still really pleased with quote.....keep an eye out for a postcard near you to spot the full quote!

33 people are now members of the Facebook group - Occupational Therapy Students: Get Connected. Slow but good progress! I'll post a few more DVD recommendations next week.

I think the news I'm going to do my MSc has sunk in a bit now! Must get the paperwork off to the Elizabeth Casson Trust and the Constances Owens Trust to apply for some financial assistance towards the course fees. I just want to get going now! The first module starts on the 29th September. Good I'm off to Berlin to the ENOTHE event (European Network of Occupational Therapists in Higher Education) the week before! Lots of exciting stuff coming up...including lots of visits to Universities to meet the new and continuing OT students.

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