Thursday, 28 August 2008

I've got a place!

A memorable day! Clair (Education Officer: Quality, Assurance and Guidance) brought the post up to our office. She spotted the Salford post mark and handed me the letter smiling! I opened it slowly....with both Clair and Remy (Education Manager: Quality and Standards) watching me!!! I spotted the words "pleased to confirm"....and started smiling too! I was then able to read out the official confirmation I had a place on the MSc programme in Advanced OT from the University of Salford!!! I honestly never thought I would be this excited about doing my MSc....but it just feels right...and I'm ready for the challenges ahead. I'm looking forward to being a student again!!! I just have a full-time job to deal manage this time around!
Clair and I will have a cup of tea to celebrate!

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