Saturday, 13 September 2008

On you marks..get set...

I'm pretty much all set for my forthcoming trips to meet students. I've just got enough time on Monday to finish off emails and complete my PowerPoint presentation. The memory sticks arrived this I've got more boxes to accomodate around my desk! These memory sticks will be send to all the students who set up their BAOT student membership. The technology has moved on since last for the same price...we have managed to get a bigger memory stick, therefore should accomodate even more assignments!

I'm having problems getting my internal microphone to work on my I'm still unable to Skype! Plus I ordered a funky laptop bag online - selected "next day delivery" and it didn't turn up the next day! So a few more things to sort before I'm totally ready for my first module.

Might treat myself to some nice stationary tomorrow!! You cannot beat a nice folder or notepad when you start to study something. I'm been given so good time managment tips from colleagues - like actually putting study time in my Outlook Calendar, so its more official and fixed like a meeting. Another tip was having a regular night of study, so that friends get used to me being busy on a Tuesday for example. If anyone has some good study tips it would great to hear them?

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Sarah Bodell said...

Not a study tip Fiona, just an acknowledgment that lovely stationary and funky lap top bags are an essential requirement for starting any new course!