Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Memory Lane

I'm visiting students from the accelerated programmes based in Bangor and Cardiff tomorrow - they have a residential student conference to enable the students to present their research proposals and bring together the two programmes. It is being held at Gregynog, near Newtown - so to ensure I'm on time and able to fully participate, I'm typing this from a B&B in Hereford. Heart stopping moment when I arrived here - as the owner didn't have my booking! She thought she had probably deleted it with the her "spam". Thankfully, she had a room available!
I changed trains in Newport on the way here - a trip down memory lane, as I had my first practice placement at Newport Social Services. I can still remember my first day on placement....as I went to the wrong door and I had to be directed around the building to actually locate the appropriate office!

Got down to some serious reading on the train - learnt more about the history of our profession - well worth exploring. I'm discovering our history is so much more complex than just basket weaving and it really does influence how we have developed and can certainly inform how we develop in the future.

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