Thursday, 9 October 2008

The ultimate teamwork model

I did something completely different for a change last night...and went to a classical music concert at the Cadogan Hall in Chelsea. My colleague had some free tickets so I thought I would maximise my evening my doing something different.
Instead of just sitting there listening to the music....of course...I start thinking occupation! Everyone in the orchestra was so clearly engaged in an "occupation" that brings so much meaning and structure to their day! Once I had exhausted my occupation observations...I then realised the orchestra was a brilliant illustration of ultimate teamwork. Everyone had their own unique contribution to make and role in the group, they were following the same music (so not going off in a different direction), had a shared goal (nice sounding music) and the conductor (their "manager") was providing guidance and encouraging them to produce their best work. this might be a bit nerdy...but it really jumped out at me! So if you have any free time ...I would recommend trying something completely different (it doesn't have to be a classical music concert!) and enjoying yourself...but also stopping for a moment to consider some of the observations you can make?

I enjoyed my visit to Brunel University today. The building work has been completed now so the campus looks really good. Dana, the student local group co-ordinator at Brunel University preceded my presentation with an overview of the Brunel Group and promoted the next meeting. It was great having the opportunity to combine information like this and hopefully will assist the Brunel group in growing even more.

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Angela said...

Great observation and a good idea. I think it's important that we do occasionally take a step back from the therapeutic focus we have on activity and allow ourselves to see and maybe experience the enjoyment we can get from just "being" in the moment and allowing ourselves (and our service users) to "become" (as discussed by Wilcock). We ask our level 3 students to do this as part of one of their modules and the inspiration they get from just being enabled to immerse themselves in activity is great. In fact I think you may have inspired my next blog post - thanks - keep up the good work!