Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Unpacking and Packing

I've finally had a chance to unpack my bag from my trip to Berlin....and I'm now packing ready for my trip to Bournemouth. I'm seeing the new students early on Friday morning so will head to Bournemouth late tomorrow afternoon.
I'm back at my parents in Somerset this weekend - for a school reunion! Mixed feelings about seeing everyone...its been a very long time since we all caught up. I went to a school specifically for people with dyslexia and still consider myself lucky to have received the help I did - as I use the coping strategies I was taught everyday, I don't even notice anymore.

I once worked in an OT department where we were all dyslexic! I certainly feel it enhances our verbal communication skills as talking doesn't show up spelling mistakes!?? The support Universities offer students with dyslexia is far more robust now - so I hope everyone with similar issues has been able to tap into the appropriate support? I'm still worried I might send an email saying "incontinence" instead of "inconvenience" so I double checking things before sending!

Thank you to all the UEA students for staying awake during my session this morning (although I did notice a few people nodding off! :-) A 9.00am start in a very warm room was quite a challenge! I have a similar time slot next week at Brunel University - so might take some sweets!

I've added another picture form Berlin...I was having a look through
my album again and noticed this picture.
Instead of looking at it from an photography perspective...I thought about the picture with an occupation focus and saw a lot more in my photo? What do you think?

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