Monday, 6 October 2008

Full Circle

I'm back in London having completed a circle around England! I left COT on Thursday...and headed off to Bournemouth, then over to Somerset for the weekend, then up to Manchester on Sunday, to then go to Middlesbrough this morning. Travelling back to London this afternoon completed my circle. I must confess I'm glad to my on my sofa again!

In addition to meeting 1st year students..I've had the opportunity to catch up with some students from some of the other years. Its great hearing about plans for Occupational Therapy Week (1st week of November). For example, the BAOT student local group in Middlesbrough will be manning a stand in the city centre, talking to members of the public. What have other people got planned?

Something new this year is WikiFlash - set up by the "OT On The Net" group. Check out the link for more information. Its a great opportunity to increase the range of information "out there" about occuapation therapy.

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