Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Occupational Therapy Week

I bet we have all experienced that blank expression from someone, when they have asked us what we do... when we uttered the words "Occupational Therapy"...its either the conversation stopper at a social event or certainly the topic that takes up a bit of time. In an attempt to raise the profile of the profession amongst members of the public and colleagues - Occupational Therapy week is taking place between November 3rd-9th. This is one week when we (the profession and BAOT members) can join together to celebrate our work. Although time is ticking on...you still have time to plan something at your University - even a message on your Blackboard system could be effective? If you don't get around to doing anything this year...don't worry OT week will be back! If you want more information on OT week visit; http://www.cot.org.uk/members/otweek/intro/intro.php
It was great being in the office today. It felt good being able to catch up on my emails. On Thursday I'm off to Brunel University to see the 1st year students and meet with the BAOT student local group co-ordinator. I've got some serious article reading to do as well over the weekend! I've been set my first 1000 word assignment (only a bit longer than a page in OTN...and I keep saying to myself!)...so I will reflecting on the role of Occupation and Health for the next few weeks.
I was pleased to see the Facebook Group "Occupational Therapy Students: Get Connected" now has over 150 members....I'll add somemore DVD suggestions as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona, Thanks for your encouragement to promote awareness of OT among friends & colleagues, and for giving a view of what you do at the college. Sorry I only saw your blog in March 2009!

occupational therapy university said...

Hi Fiona,

This is nice post and I am very exited to read more about that. After completed of Occupational Therapy week can you put your experience here ?

So, we can also think to use it

John said...


This sounds interesting

Have I missed something ??" asking a student of occupational therapy university